Starting point of your future

Universidade Veiga de Almeida (UVA) is one of Brazil’s leading private universities based in Rio de Janeiro. With some of its courses ranked no.1 and an overall ranking as Rio’s second best university UVA is the challenger brand in a market dominated by its traditional Catholic main competitor PUC. 

As the younger and more accessible brand with a strong focus on e-learning and future technologies, UVA lacked a coherent story and a contemporary brand design. 
We defined UVA’s brand personality as 'The inspiring champion' and gave meaning to the existing circular logo by introducing the brand idea 'The starting point of your future'. Along with optimistic colours and confident typography we developed a bold tone of voice telling stories of opportunities, ambition and success. This contemporary, engaging and vibrant approach clearly differentiates UVA from its traditional competitor, builds a strong storyline and has the power to lead the business into an exciting future.


Designed at Whybrand